Sep 29

Eid ul-Adha Prayer Time & Eid Party

Salam alaikum,


  • The Eid prayer is planned to be at 8:30 am on Saturday the 4th of October.
    NOTE: Please be advised that the Masjid parking lot will be used to drop off people only. You can park your car at the surrounding parking lots. They are free on Saturdays. 
  •  The Eid party will be held on the second day of the Eid (Sunday the 5th). it starts at Maghrib time.

       NOTE: The Eid party is planned to be a pot-luck party. So please bring your favorite dish and share it with your brothers and sisters.

Sep 26

Dhul Hijjah Begins Thursday, September 25

As salaamu alaikum,

  • Thursday the 25th of September is the first day of Thul Hijjah (the month of Pilgrimage)
  • The Day of Arafah will be Friday the 3rd of October.
  • Eid Al Adha is on Saturday the 4th of October.

Aug 13

Photos From ICNWA Eid Party 2014

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Aug 12

Ramadan Iftar 2014 Gallery

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Aug 11

Ramadan Soccer Tournament 2014 Photo Gallery

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Aug 01

Eid Celebration Dinner!

We are holding an Eid Celebration Dinner on Saturday, August 2nd 2014 at the ICNWA Masjid. Event will start at 7:30pm. It will be a Pot-luck dinner. We will also haves games and activities for kids/adults at the Masjid. . Please bring your entire family!


Pot-Luck DInner

Jul 28

Eid Mubarak! Monday July 28th is Eid al-Fitr

Monday July 28th will be Eid al-Fitr. Kullu amo wa antum bi khayr.

Eid prayer will be held at 8:30am. Please be on time.

(We tried to sight the moon on top of Mt. Sequoya. We did not see the moon. Our committee follows the opinion of AMJA and AMJA have decided to celebrate Eid tomorrow.)

Jun 28

Ramadan to begin Sunday June 29th

As salaamu alaikum,

The moon was NOT sighted today June 27th. Therefore, Ramadan will start on Sunday the 29th of June.

We will start praying Taraweeh tomorrow Saturday after Isha prayer at 10:15pm.

لم تتم مشاهدة الهلال الليلة.

رمضان سيبدأ يوم الأحد التاسع و العشرون من شهر 6.

صلاة التراويح ستقام ابتداء من الغد (السبت) الثامن و العشرين .

- ICNWA Masjid Committee.

Jun 27

Khutbah on Invocation and Supplications 6/27/14

The khutbah on Friday June 27th, (29th Sha’ban) will be on invocation/supplications (du’a). The book that will be used is Hisn ul Muslim (Fortress of a Muslim). Please find the links below to access it:


To read it in English online:

To download it in Arabic:

To Listen in Audio Arabic:

Jan 10

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